Early Harvest Writing Program

The Years 5 and 6 students from both campuses met up for the Early Harvest Writing program launch at Valley Campus. The Early Harvest Writing Program is a program that is aimed to help young writers to create, edit and helps them to understand the book publishing process. The students watched an introduction video as well as did a brainstorming session (in small groups) trying to come up with the theme for this year’s writing pieces.

We have submitted our votes to the Early Harvest program and will find out soon if our theme was chosen. Stay tuned for more updates about this exciting writing program!

Noble Park Community Centre Art Show

The weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of March saw a tremendous turnout for the annual Noble Park Community Centre Art Show. Our school display was bright and filled to the brim with the amazing work of our talented students from Foundation to Year 6.
I am happy to announce that we shared first and second prize with The Emmerson School and the prize money of $700 was split between the 2 schools.

Congratulations to Anisa Soun who was the deserving recipient of The Eric Mitchell Encouragement Award.
Representatives of the Community Centre will present the prize to Anisa at a future assembly.

Explore the Newsletter for some Art pieces that were on display.

Mrs Megele and Mrs Lyons

NAPLAN update

We were a pilot school for this online initiative, so our teachers and Year 5 students are very knowledgeable about what this
entails. Our Year 3’s will be participating for the first time in May, but the Writing component will still be paper based for
All schools have to participate in a practice test on Thursday, March 24th, which is a test to make sure that our bandwidth is
capable of hosting the tests, and it’s a good opportunity for our Year 3’s to experience NAPLAN online. The results of this
test are not recorded, as it’s just a practice run.

Special Lunch Tuesday 29th March

Students will receive a notice soon about our first special lunch for 2022. This will be a hot dog day on Tuesday, March 29th.


As the Department guidelines are updated regularly, we now have the opportunity of attending excursions. We have a couple planned for the next few weeks! Some Year 5/6 students will be attending the athletics carnival with our neighbouring schools on Friday March 18th.

The following week will see the Year 1/2 students heading off to Mordialloc Beach for the day (March 25th) and the Year
3/4’s will be visiting Bounce and Braeside Park on April 1st.

It is wonderful to be able to be able to experience some of what Melbourne has to offer while the weather is great! Each
venue has strict COVID plans in place for visitors. As always, please check your child’s bag for notices that are now coming
home regularly.

Parent / Teacher Chats

Thank you to those families who came along and met with their child’s teacher for 2022 on March 9th. We hope this gave you the opportunity to share some relevant information with the teacher about your child.
If you missed this opportunity, and would like to meet at a different time, then please call the Office and ask for another time.

New Sports Equipment

Last year Spring Parks Primary received an Active Schools Grant of $30,000 which we used to buy new sporting equipment for each campus, with a focus on making sure our Foundation to Grade 3 students have access to a wide
variety of sports both in Physical Education classes and at lunchtime.
West Campus now has two new basketball towers with lower rings, new Soccer goals, three new Volleyball courts and two new netball rings. Valley campus has a new basketball tower, two new Volleyball courts and new netball rings.
It is wonderful seeing many more children being active on their breaks.

Curriculum Day

We will be holding our 2nd curriculum day on Tuesday March 15th.
Staff will be on site for the day, as we revise our school policies in preparation for our school review in term 3. There is always a fair amount of work to be done in preparation for this 4 yearly assessment, so we will begin the process now.
Thanks for the opportunity to begin this important work.

English Language Classes

At the moment, we are hoping to start our English Language classes up again at West Campus on Thursday March 10th.
Please contact the Office if you would like to be involved. There is no cost and the program is run by volunteers.

Playgroup Update

I was hoping to have this great initiative start on March 7th, and we were well placed to begin, but the volunteer has started a new job and can’t facilitate the session now. Dandenong Council are still trying to find us a replacement and I’ll let you know when we can start Playgroup again.