Below is the testing schedule regarding NAPLAN online, that only students in Years 3 and 5 complete. NAPLAN was cancelled last year due to remote learning.
Our timetable for testing will be:

Tuesday 11th May: 9:30am Writing

Wednesday 12th May: 9:30am Reading and 12:00pm Language Conventions (spelling, grammar)

Thursday 13th May: 9:30am Numeracy

All testing will be completed online using our school laptops, except for Year 3 Writing, which is still a paper based test. The order of the tests is mandated by the Department, so this timetable cannot be changed. Please reassure your children that NAPLAN is one way of gaining extra information about each student, and we use this information in conjunction with the other forms of assessment at school.
Each student will receive their NAPLAN report – hopefully before the end of term 2. It is delivered to the school, and we send it home the day it arrives. If you require any further information about NAPLAN, then please talk to your child’s teacher or call the Office and ask to speak to Mrs Fisher.


School Council 2021

I’d like to share with the community the names of our School Council members for 2021.
Shirley Mach – President
Jolita Curcio – Minutes Secretary (in the absence of Ilknur)
Simone Beveridge
Pheaktea Pich
Shirley Huynh
Rotana Sok
Crystal Moon
If you would like anything brought to the attention of School Council, then these are the parents you can talk to. I’d like to thank them all for taking on this role at our school, as no school can operate without a School Council and it’s important for all of our families to have a ‘voice’ in the matters of our school.

Julie Fisher

Mother’s Day Breakfast

At the moment, we will be able to return to hosting our Mother’s Day breakfast this year, although with reduced numbers onsite. A flyer should have gone home last week, and it’s important that if you are attending, that you return the RSVP at the bottom of the invitation. As soon as we reach capacity, then we won’t be able to take any more requests. You will be notified ONLY if we reach capacity and you were unsuccessful. Hopefully next year, there won’t be any need to restrict the numbers of attendees.

School Photos

Wednesday April 28th is our school photo day at both campuses. Please make sure that each child is in school uniform. The photographer prefers that choices are made online, but there is the option of paying cash. Notices were sent out last term, but please call the Office if you didn’t receive yours.

Mrs Moore

Towards the end of last term, Mrs Moore applied for a position in Regional Office (Dandenong) to oversee the Tutor Learning Initiative Program in the Southern Melbourne area, which she was successful in obtaining. This position if for the rest of 2021, so rest assured, she will be back at Spring Parks as Assistant Principal for the start of 2022!
Consequently, I asked our current teaching staff to submit an Expression of Interest in being the Acting Assistant Principal at our school for the rest of the year. I am pleased to say that Mrs Erin Morgan was the successful applicant and this term she will be working at our West Campus, while I am at Valley Campus for term 2.

Julie Fisher