Student Leadership

Students are supported and encouraged to ‘lead’ at all levels of Spring Parks Primary School. The School Values of Respect, Engagement, Achievement, Community and Hope (REACH) reflect our commitment to the development of all aspects the child; physical, social, emotional and academic. Developing strong student leaders is a key component of our philosophy.

There are many leadership opportunities for our senior students. Along with the formal positions of School Captains, Sport Captains, Environment Captains and the four House Captains, students in the senior years run a number of ‘clubs’ or programs such as; Running Club (daily) encouraging the student body to exercise, and Sports’ Clubs such as Badminton Club. Students are encouraged to ‘have a voice’ and present ideas for clubs and/or events they wish to organise and run, which will often reflect what is happening in the wider community.

Junior School Council (JSC): Year 2-6 students are elected by their peers to represent their Home Groups. They have the responsibility, as representatives of the school student body, to discuss issues and present ways in which the school can be improved. They meet regularly with the Principal to report on their progress and activities so updates can be given to School Council. JSC also co-ordinate a variety of Charity fundraising events throughout the school year, which support such groups as State Schools’ Relief.

Students also have the opportunity to support the school through the Green Team. They have the responsibility, as representatives of the school student body, to promote sustainability through special projects. The Green Team currently assists with the collection of recyclable materials, composting and sustainability themed competitions.

The Buddy System is an important part of building both confidence and relationships at Spring Parks. Prep students have Senior School buddies with whom they work throughout the year on cross age activities. Whilst some of these activities represent significant events in the school calendar such as Literacy and Numeracy Week many activities are designed so the students can provide good role modelling, teach skills and concepts or just enjoy each other’s company. It is important that the younger students have someone to look up to and trust.

Leading takes many forms and it is our goal at Spring Parks to bring out the leader in all our students.