Benefits of Enrolling at SPPS

Abundant Play Areas: Your child will have access to spacious and engaging play areas, promoting both physical activity and social development.

Outstanding Academic Results: We’re proud to share that our students consistently achieve excellent academic results. Our dedicated faculty works tirelessly to provide a high-quality education that sets the foundation for a successful future.

Happy Students: At the heart of our community are the smiling faces of our students. We strive to create a positive and supportive atmosphere that nurtures both academic and emotional well-being.

Caring Staff: Our passionate and caring staff members are dedicated to the growth and success of each child. We believe in creating a learning environment where students feel seen, heard, and valued.

Enrolment is ongoing, and we look forward to welcoming new members to our community. If you have any questions or would like to tour our school, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Spring Parks Primary School


every child

every opportunity

for learning and excelling,

developing and belonging

Spring Parks Primary School is accredited under the Department of Education’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education, 00861K). For more information, see:

Junior School

The Mawson Centre houses our Junior School (Foundation, Grade One and Grade Two) at Spring Parks Primary School. It was named after Sir Douglas Mawson, an Antarctic Explorer. The Mawson Centre is a centre for investigation and discovery.

Middle School

The Florey Centre houses our Middle School (Grade Three and Grade Four). It was named after Sir Howard Florey, who discovered penicillin. The Florey Centre is a centre for innovation and excellence.

Senior School

The Flynn centres houses our Senior School. (Grade Five and Grade Six). It was named after Sir John Flynn, who founded the Royal Flying Doctor Air Ambulance. The Flynn Centre is a centre for leadership, research and problem solving.


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