OSHClub are excited to have been selected as Spring Park’s Primary School’s dedicated onsite Before & After School Care provider.

Spring Parks OSHClub Program Benefits:

  • The OSHC spaces will be filled with a wide range of play-based learning resources and equipment to meet the interests of all children (and we ask for input from our regulars to what they’d like to play with in service!).
  • Affordable session fees, with no additional charges for casual bookings. We don’t charge enrolment or annual fees.
  • Our staff are the best of the best. The majority of our team members are permanent, so you and your child/ren will have the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships. OSHClub staff provide a safe, caring and stimulating atmosphere.
  • Our management team is based in Melbourne, and we make regular visits to the school to say hello.
  • Super-charged fun! We offer an extensive range of activities that cater for the social, intellectual, physical, recreational and emotional needs of all children. We’re inclusive and welcoming.

Come along to our Parent Info Session. Want to know more about OSHClub? Join us for our Parent Info Session to learn about our exciting programs and ask any questions you may have.

Online via WebEx


Join by Meeting Number

Meeting number: 2652 463 5855

Meeting Password: spps5538


Tuesday 7th December at 5:30pm

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Spring Parks OSHClub Parent Information Session